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Table Runner Sizing Guide

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When it comes to table runners or linens, there is no fixed rule when it comes to length. Traditionally, it comes in standard widths of 25 to 38 centimeters (approx 10 to 15 inches) wide and standard lengths of 91 to 274 centimeters (approx 36 to 108 inches) long. The width of your table runner should approximately be one-third the width of your table and allow about 15 centimeters (approx 6 inches) to hang on each end. Now, the hang length is generally up to you but it shouldn’t hang lower than your tablecloth if you’re layering linens. For example, if your table is 150 centimeters (approx 60 inches) long, your table runner should be approximately be 180 centimeters (approx 72 inches) in length, allowing approximately 15 centimeters to hang on each end. 


What Size Table Runner Do You Need?

Table Dimensions 

(In centimeters)

Table Dimensions

(In inches)

Seats Table Runner Size
73-90cm x 142-157cm 29-35” x 56-62” 4-6 pax 30x180cm approx
104-120cm x 193-208cm 41-47” x 76-82” 6-8 pax 35x220cm approx
104-120cm x 249-264cm 41-47” x 98-104” 8-10 pax 35x255cm approx
104-120cm square/round 41-47” square/round 4-6 pax 30x155cm approx
155-170cm square/round 61-67” square/round 10-12 pax 30x200cm approx


Now that you have an idea of what size to get, browse our Linen Collection for Table Runner designs.